The Sydney B. Mitchell Iris Society is affiliated with the American Iris Society and located in AIS Region 14. All meetings and events are open and free to the public. Membership: $10 per year per household.

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American Iris Society: this national website includes information on growing, awards, photos and many, many links to other societies and growers

AIS Region 14-Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii: this website includes photo contest rules and winning photos, as well as more complete contact and event info for other societies in the region:

Other Bay Area Iris Societies:

Clara B. Rees Iris Society
meets in Los Gatos
(408) 830-9861

Mt. Diablo Iris Society
meets in Walnut Creek
contact: smiata91[at]att[dot]net

Westbay Iris Society
meets in Los Altos
(408) 241-9249

Obtaining Iris:

Local Iris Societies usually hold sales of rhizomes and potted plants. It's a good way to get an inexpensive start. Watch for sales of potted bearded iris at shows in spring; bare rhizome sales start in late July; beardless sales in early fall. Watch your paper or the Region 14 website for details.

Region 14 Commercial Growers: You can order bearded iris from commercial growers spring through summer, for rhizome delivery in summer or early fall. These growers (and hybridizers) have photos and lists on the web, and many welcome garden visits in the spring. (For street addresses and growers without websites go to the region 14 site.)

BlueBird Haven Iris Garden (Somerset)
(mostly historic; descriptions and many pictures)

Cadd's Beehive Iris Garden (Healdsburg)

My Wild Iris Rows (Santa Rosa)

Napa Country Iris Gardens (near Lake Berryessa)

Nola's Iris Garden (San Jose)

Pleasants Valley Iris Farm (Vacaville)

Superstition Iris Gardens (on the way to Yosemite)
Info and many pictures available at their Facebook page; you will need to write to them for a catalog


Other interesting links to get you started:


The Iris Forum: an online gardener's discussion board:

Historic Iris Preservation Society: explore and conserve historic cultivars; nice photos

Some very interesting information on iris history and genetics:





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