SBMIS Online Beardless Iris Sale

We are offering the following iris for sale. Please order early for best selection, as we have very limited quantities of most varieties. Prices are $5.00 per plant unless otherwise noted.

To order, please contact Jean Richter at Contactless delivery within the San Francisco bay area is available. If you are out of this area, you can still order but will need to pay for shipping as well.

Below are the iris available:

Alabama Blue Fin (Jill Copeland 2017) species cross Algiers Point (Musachhia 2016) Louisiana iris Ally Oops (Borglum 2002) species cross
Alabama Blue Fin Algiers Point Ally Oops
Blue Splatter (Rudkin 2009) Louisiana iris Brazos Moon (H. Nichols 2016) Louisiana iris Cajun Serenade (H. Nichols 2008) Louisiana iris
Blue Splatter Brazos Moon Cajun Serenade
Centennial Anniversary (H. Nichols 2020) Louisiana iris Changing Shadows (Norvell 2015) Louisiana iris Contraband Girl (Duplechain 1953) species
Centennial Anniversary Changing Shadows Contraband Girl
Gerald Darby (Darby by Coe 1967) species cross Get the Net (Jill Copeland 2019) species cross
Gerald Darby Get the Net
It's a Bigun (Jill Copeland 2019) species cross Iris unguicularis (Poiret 1785) winter blooming iris
It's a Bigun Iris unguicularis
Neomarica candida (walking iris) Pat Norvell (H. Nichols 2021) Louisiana iris Princess Leia (H. Pryor 1997) Louisiana iris Queen of Soul (H. Nichols 2016) Louisiana iris
Neomarica candida 'walking iris' Pat Norvell Princess Leia Queen of Soul
Red Velvet Elvis (Vaughn 1997) Louisiana iris Roy Davidson (Hager 1987) species cross Saru Odori (prior to 1920) Japanese iris Yamanobe (Kamo Nursery 1985) Japanese iris
Red Velvet Elvis Roy Davidson Saru Odori Yamanobe